Did you know that taking the intended application of your pergola into account could make or break its overall design? Whilst there are certain elements that the structure will possess no matter the application, it is essential that you have thought carefully about how you would like to use it before contacting someone to build it. In this article, we have outlined just some of the applications that may affect your final pergola design so that you know what to look for.


  • Vertical Garden
    Some homeowners like to use their pergolas as a vertical garden, as the columns offer support for the vines and plants to climb. If this is your intended application, you might like to include more columns than you would normally, as this will provide ample space for vines to grow. You might also like the roof to consist of simple beams or even lattice, as this will further encourage the vines and plants to branch out.
  • Entertaining
    Many homeowners are interested in a pergola design that provides them with additional outdoor entertaining space. In these situations, you might like the structure to be a little larger than usual, as this will provide plenty of space for a party. A fire pit or heating of some kind can ensure that the space is usable even when the weather is cool. There is even the possibility of turning the space into an outdoor kitchen.
  • Weather Protection
    If you live in a climate that is particularly hot during the summer or that experiences a lot of rain during the winter, you might like the design to offer protection against the elements. In these situations, the pergola will require solid roofing of some kind (polycarbonate is a favourite, as it still allows sunlight to penetrate the space). You might even like to include one or two solid walls that block the heat and rain.
  • Entry Point
    Some homeowners like to use a pergola design as an entry point for other areas of the yard. They can be used to create definition between your front and backyards, your entertaining area and garden, your lawn and swimming pool, and so on. In these situations, the structure may only need to be quite small or narrow, as it’s simply forming a walkway or even an arch that leads you through to the next area.
  • Attached to Home
    If the pergola is going to be attached to the side of your house, you will have to consider what sorts of materials will complement those that have already been used in the space. You will also have to consider what sorts of styles and themes have been already been used, otherwise you risk the structure sticking out like a sore thumb. If your house’s roof is gabled, for example, you should not attach a curved roof to it.


As you can see, there are a number of ways that your intended application could alter the overall pergola design that you are required to use. If you have decided to add one of these structures to your property, it is essential that you consider how you intend to use it and where it will be located on your property. This will ensure that the pergola is the perfect match for your needs and that it enhances the overall appearance of your property.

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