For many of us, the year seems to be dragging on and the Christmas holidays are nowhere in sight. The lingering cold weather and a dull, colourless workplace aren’t going to help matters, either. If you don’t have the time, money or energy to face a complete makeover, you could try investing in some affordable office furniture and supplies to brighten things up instead. In the list below, we have outlined some of our favourite solutions for your inspirations:

affordable office furniture

  • DIY Zen Gardens
    Finding productive outlets for relieving employee stress should be a top priority – and DIY Zen gardens could be the ideal solution. Whether you run an afternoon workshop or email everyone links to bloggers with easy instructions, a personalised garden is an attractive addition to any workstation as well as providing a calming movement.
  • Creative Wall Calendars
    We’re sure that your workplace already has a calendar of some kind in use for employees to keep track of what’s going on. Why not upgrade to a more creative option, such as using blackboard paint to make squares on the wall. Simply buy some chalk and you’ll be able to keep track of what’s happening a month in advance.
  • Posture Monitors
    With ergonomics being a massive trend in affordable office furniture at the moment, a posture monitor could be just what you need. This small sensor is placed on your shirt and gently vibrates when you begin to slouch in your chair. There are also apps that track your posture, steps taken and distance travelled over the course of a day.
  • Stability Balls & Resistance Bands
    These days, employees want more options to improve their health and lifestyle. By making some stability balls and resistance bands available, you’re providing them with a low-budget way of achieving this. Your team will also love getting some extra movement in throughout the workday, plus some serious health benefits.
  • Plants
    This is less of an office supply and more of an office essential. The addition of plants to your workplace will offer many benefits, including: reduced stress levels, greater productivity and softened ambient noise. You could give each employee their own plant to look after or create a communal green area where they all live.
  • Surface Skins
    Everyone loves a change of scenery, but we don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars replacing office furniture when you decide that blue is no longer your favourite colour. Surface skins to the rescue. These can be adhered to the surface of your desks, tables and other surfaces to completely rejuvenate them without the high price tag.

Whether you’re experiencing a bad case of Monday-itis or it’s turned into a weeklong disease that appears to be worsening rather than improving, we hope that you’ve found the above list of affordable office furniture and supplies useful for brightening up your workplace. Even if you don’t have permission to give the whole office a makeover, just adding a pop of colour to your own workstation is sure to provide you with some much-needed relief.

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