Are you hosting or exhibiting at an upcoming event and feel that promotional bags in Melbourne would be the perfect way to ensure the visibility of your brand? Choosing the perfect style and design can often prove to be challenging, as you cannot please everyone and are often forced to purchase on a budget. In this article, we have outlined 5 of our favourite tips to help you ensure that you have made an informed decision.

  1. Think about the people attending your event
    Consider whether they will be male or female, corporate executives or blue-collar workers, and so on. This should provide you with a pretty good idea of what attendees will be looking for in a bag. If they’re an executive, for example, they would probably be more interested in a satchel than they would be a tote. Think about the kinds of activities your attendees are likely to participate in.
  2. Consider whether the bag can hold all of your materials
    This is actually a very important factor, but is one that is most overlooked when selecting promotional items. What use is the bag going to be if attendees can’t fit any of your materials into it? Measure up everything that you would like to hand out and ensure that your chosen product will be able to accommodate it all. You might even be able to order a sample and try putting everything in there yourself.
  3. Cater for your event location
    You should consider where the event is being held, as this can also play a role in what makes a promotional bag appropriate. If the event is being held in the middle of the city and most of the attendees will be commuting via public transport, don’t give them an enormous duffel bag that they’re going to struggle to get home. Instead, choose a more compact product or one that can be folded.
  4. Determine what your best branding option is
    When it comes to branding, it is important to understand that you will have three main options to achieve this. Embroidery will enable you to include any logos in the exact corporate colours; screen printing works best with one colour projects; and digital transfers are applied to the bag using heat (corporate colours can be matched). Carefully consider each option before settling on one for your needs.
  5. Present the bag as a gift, not a giveaway
    When you’ve attended events in the past, how have the bags been handed out? Were employees giving them out at the door, grabbing them with the boxes they arrived in? If so, they were likely to flattened, creased and even still contain the tissue divider. If you treat your items as cheap giveaways, your attendees will treat them the same. Instead, treat them as a gift that someone actually wants to receive.

We hope that you have found the above tips useful in choosing promotional bags for your next event. We are sure that, if you take our advice on board and think a little more carefully about your choices, you will see a significant improvement in attendee attitude towards your brand. If you are still having problems choosing the right style or design, ensure that you speak with a professional for advice and suggestions.

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