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These days, it is pretty uncommon to find a school without some sort of fencing around the grounds. It is the result of principals, state governments and security fencing contractors working together to get the job done. A school will receive a number of benefits from erecting such barriers and there are a number of reasons why they have been deemed important by educational bodies around the country, some of which we have outlined below.

  1. Decrease in Vandalism
    One of the main benefits that such fencing provides is a decrease in the occurrences of vandalism. Before these barriers became the norm, breaking into a school after hours was not difficult. If there was a fence, it was tiny (no more than a metre high) so did absolutely nothing to prevent unauthorised access. Vandals would regularly trespass on the grounds, spraying graffiti and causing damage to the buildings. Whilst barriers built for security purposes are not impossible to climb, they do make it harder for vandals to gain access.
  2. Improved Safety
    Another significant benefit is a decrease in contact with the public. As we have already noted, schools were not difficult to enter in the past. This meant that members of the public would use the grounds as a shortcut for getting from point A to point B and, more alarmingly, that those posing a threat to students and teachers would be able to gain entry easily. This could include predators, angry parents or even other young people hoping to pick a fight. Fencing increases the safety of those who are supposed to be inside the grounds.
  3. Improved Management of Movement
    As well as making it difficult for trespassers to get in, security fencing contractors are making it difficult for students to get out (if they don’t have permission). In the past, schools without fences or with low ones made it easy for students to skip class, leave early or otherwise leave without permission (perhaps to grab some lunch). Schools with such barriers find it much easier to track the movement of students in and out of the grounds. This is because there are generally only one or two exit points available, which can be monitored.
  4. Better Aesthetics
    One benefit that many people fail to consider is that it can also improve the appearance of the school. Security fencing is available in a variety of styles and materials, ensuring that you can complement materials used elsewhere around the grounds and control the message that you are sending to the outside world. Whilst you are certainly trying to keep undesirables out and students in, this doesn’t mean that you cannot keep with the appearance of the school as a whole. Why not opt for powdercoated tubular steel fencing, for example?

One final point that security fencing contractors like to share is that barriers, whilst effective in their own right, need to be considered a part of an overall security plan. Other steps need to be taken to ensure that trespassers or those who mean harm are kept out and that students are kept in. This could include patrols, alarms, locking devices, access control and electronic surveillance. You can then ensure that the grounds are a safe haven.

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